If you are not sure where to start, check out these PIKE Technologies sampling kits. You will immediately find everything you need for the most basic FTIR experiments, and you will be able to collect your first spectrum in less than 30 minutes from the time the kit arrives.
One of the goals of PIKE Technologies is to make the life of an applications chemist easier. FTIR spectroscopy can be confusing when it comes to sampling techniques, sampling accessories and all the little gadgets required to successfully prepare the sample for analysis especially if you want to obtain good spectra. For this reason, the first few pages of this catalog are fully dedicated to sampling kits. We hope that this approach will give you a head start and remove confusion when selecting accessories for your applications, especially when you are a first time user. The kits are carefully designed to include all necessary components. They eliminate guesswork and assure that you have everything you need for immediate productivity.

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